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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: messy web.xml
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2000 06:49:28 GMT
Daniel Rall wrote:

> > > I think the web.xml file sould be cleaned up a bit... lets face it, you
> > > don't need to see all those mime type params etc.
> > > Anyway, it makes it harder to read, and more likely to get broaken...
> >
> > No way, it's part of the spec and we have to live with it.
> > ( I don't like it either )
> Is it possible to move the MIME type definitions into another file, and have
> web.xml include the mime_type.xml file?

Not without changing the servlet specification.  It also violates the whole
concept of a self-describing web application.

But really, why do you care at all what web.xml looks like?  Maintain it with a
GUI tool, or a servlet based tool, or whatever, and you will never even have to
look at XML config files agan.  All that's needed is for someone to build such a
tool.  Volunteers are welcome to contribute this to Jakarta
<> as a sample application.  :-)

Craig McClanahan

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