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From Danno Ferrin <>
Subject Re: R:jspc info
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 17:43:57 GMT

Interesse Michelangelo wrote:
> > Future directions include jsp -> the XML format and the XML format ->
> > jsp (which can be pipelined so we get a XML format -> java), but that is
> > post 3.1 right now.
> Are you going to further integrate Cocoon technology in T., in order to get
> this ?
> Can you provde the rest of us with some preview on how will it be
> implemented ?

Actually, the XML form I am referencing is the stuff talked about in
section 7 of the JSP 1.1 spec, which really has nothing to do with
cocoon.  The concepts exist in rather different spaces, where what I
would write would be another JspParseEventListener for the XML output
and wiring in a SAX stream to reformat the data going the other way and
possibly going straight into the JspParseEventListeners.  I guess that
using XSL and cocoon may be a way to do that, but when you consider that
the use of taglibs prevents validation and arbitrarily expands the space
of elements wiring in a non validating parser into the current event
structure seems the best way to leverage the existing code and reduce
point of failure when features are added or overhauled in the JSP core.


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