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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject PROPOSAL: Bay Area (Silicon Valley) Apache Developers Group
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 00:42:06 GMT
(Sorry for the cross post)

I have been doing some creating thinking about how we could all be more
productive.  It seems that there are a lot of people here from the Bay
Area (Silicon Valley California).  It seems a shame that we are an
almost 100% digital society.  We need to become more analog.  There is a
lot of productivity that can be gained with actual "face time".

So what I propose is that once a month we have a Bay Area Apache
Developers Group.  Specifically so that people who are active developers
on Apache projects (and people who want to become active developers) can
meet and discuss technical issues, plan project goals and general
technology issues for Apache projects.  

I was thinking about how we should organize these:

- BAADG should meet once a month for about 3 hours... maybe on a
Wednesday or a Thursday.

- A certain project could be chosen (Apache HTTPD, Jakarta, etc.) and a
representative would speak shortly about its future direction and 
architecture decisions.  Then the floor could be opened to talk about
general issues.

- Then we could break up into functional units (Core Apache, XML Apache,
Java Apache, etc.) and talk about things we are interested in and future
project developments.

Since Apache has a lot of corporate interest I am sure the larger
companies like SUN, IBM, Netscape, Microsoft (serious), Yahoo, Excite,
Cisco, etc. wouldn't mind hosting us.  Apache developers who work for
these companies could use their leverage to get office space for a few

If everyone agrees ( and there are enough developers) I will take the
initiative and plan the first BAADG meeting, finding a location, setting
the time, etc.



Kevin A Burton
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"For evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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