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From Danno Ferrin <>
Subject Problem found! (was: nightly build scripts)
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2000 21:52:37 GMT
> My temptation is to produce separate builds for each major JDK level in the
> 3.1_M2 timeframe.

The problem *is* a cross version issue, when you compile it with either
ibm or sun 1.1.8 and then try and run it against a 1.2 JDK that is when
the issue pops up.  But if you compile it with 1.2.2 then it works on
both version.  Rajiv has posed the relevant reason.

The obvious solution is to either move to the blackdown or the inprise
1.2.2 RCs on linux, but that may not be the best.  The drawback is that
we lose the instant 1.1 compatibility check.  I haven't tried it with
jikes 1.06 as the compiler but if that works then we can just use the
1.1 instead of the rt.jar which gains us the benefit of the
1.1 api validation check.  This is of course assuming jikes creates
class files all the vm revisions like (which appears to be the case).

I also updated the FAQ.


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