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From "Steve A. Olson" <>
Subject RE: Help with Apache/Tomcat interface
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2000 17:06:31 GMT
Hello everyone-- I'm sending this again without the signature so everyone can
read it--

I've just installed Tomcat v3.0 on Sun Solaris and am having trouble maintaining
sessions between apache (1.3.9) and tomcat. However, when pointing the browser
directly at the tomcat httpd server (port 8080) sessions work fine.

So, in a desperate move, I switched from AJP 1.2 to AJP 1.1 and now sessions
work, but only when pages are connected using the GET method ... Actually, when
I use the POST method, none of the request information ever gets to the servlet.

I've tried searching for answers in the FAQ and even the archives on this list,
but haven't been able to find any help.


Steve A. Olson  (
Applied Information Technologies, Inc. (
Direct Line: 410-531-7690
Fax: 410-531-7691

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