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From Bob Jamison <>
Subject Few minor Q's for a ServerConnector
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2000 15:46:36 GMT
Hey, guys, I have a couple more questions about Tomcat and Apache.
I am making a Connector, and I need to get a few facts I have not been
able to get explicitly, after reading the source code (all of it, I think  ;-)

1:  Is implementing ServerConnector, getting the ContextManager
from the setContextManager() call, and naming the Connector in server.xml,
sufficient to bind the Connector to the rest of Tomcat to process
Requests?   I  -think- it is, just want to make sure before I go down the
wrong path.

2: On the Apache side, is the call:


the proper place to get the information to feed the input stream
of a RequestImpl?  (For PUTs and POSTs)

3:  On the Apache side again, is the call:


the proper destination for the servletOutputStream of the ResponseImpl?

Again,  I think these are the ones, but I want to make sure.  I should
have this Connector running roughly by the end of the week.  When
it does, I'll post it, for whoever is interested.

Believe me, learning all about Apache modules, and Tomcat services,
has been a great education  (whew!)

Bob Jamison
LinCom Corp

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