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From "Randall Parker" <>
Subject Configuring IBM Vis Age Java v3 for Tomcat development
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2000 22:18:16 GMT
Hi Tomcat folks. If there are any current or potential users of IBM Vis Age Java on the list
you might be 
interested in the following:

I've managed to get Tomcat running in IBM VAJ Enterprise Edition v3. Anyone interested in
some of the details 
is invited to go to and to the group
and read the threads 
about the problems I encountered doing so and some of the solutions I found. See:
  Tomcat Hello World ClassCastException
   Tomcat: VAJ3 JVM can't compile its source?

Please note that IBM's own posted document for how to do this is for the Entry edition of
VAJ v3 and there are 
some differences between that and the steps needed for the Enterprise Edition. 

Their document

In particular note that:

1) For Enteprise Edition you should probably remove the project "Servlet API Classes" before
bringing in the 
"Tomcat Version 3" project.
   I did not remove that "Servlet API Classes" project first because I followed the document
and it wasn't written 
for Enterprise product users. I did manage to make it all work without removing 

2) I followed the instructions in that document but that resulted in a ClassCastException.
In order to get it to 
work I had to bring in the Tomcat source and the sun and w3c packages. 
    Also, I had to then overwrite the source of the 6 imported classes that had compile syntax
errors with their 
.class versions due to compilation problems that are either a limitation of of the JVM level
in VAJ (they are not at 
1.2.x yet) or due to a bug in their compiler. 
    See your Problems Tab in the Workbench to find the classes that have compilation problems
and that 
therefore need to be replaced.

3) If you get any run-time errors about not being able to find some project then you need
to change which project 
is referenced. Try right-clicking on StartTomcat and doing a Compute Now on the Project path.

4) StartTomcat and StopTomcat should go into the VAJ project "Tomcat Version 3" and package
package for Tomcat Version 3". That was not clear in the original version of IBM's document.

If anyone has any problems doing this reply to me in those threads in
or post 

Now that I've gotten this far I'm going to post another message asking some of you for help
in further configuring 
Tomcat for running and debugging in VAJ. But that will be in another message after this one.

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