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Subject RE: Wow, a TOMCAT Mail Archive (Was: RE: [PROPOSAL] <Servlet> ta g)
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 04:33:30 GMT

Daniel L. Rall [] writes:

> Thanks Bill, looks like you beat me to it.  :)
> If some maintainence or something needs doing, I'd be happy to help.

Er, well, I am pretty new here.  If you
wanna take the job, feel free.  My motivation
was that there was nothing else available, which
was kinda surprising.  I just joined the list, and
wanted something for my own perusal as well.   
(I really hate it when I ask a FAQ)

If anyone else had something in progress that is
better than my crude implementation, let me know
when it is finished, and I'll shut this one down
and setup a link.


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