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From David Meleedy <>
Subject I'd like to get Tomcat 3.1 milestone 1 working for Solaris 2.6
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2000 21:58:38 GMT

I am trying to get everything working with Solaris 2.6, and jdk 1.2.1_04

At first I tried Tomcat 3.0, but when I tried to start up the tomcat
server, with jdk 1.2.1_04, the server wouldn't start up all the way
(it worked with jdk 1.1.8_10).

So now I am trying to compile 3.1 milestone 1.  I am able to
get all the java stuff compiled with (although I had to fix
the script).  But it is not clear how to build

I noticed that in the binaries directory, there is a linux and a win32
binary available, but no solaris.  e.g.

So how exactly do I get this compiled up?  What do I have to do?



p.s.  Here is what I had to change in




Here is what happens when I tried to run 3.0 with java 1.2.1_04

sudo ./ start
Using classpath: ./webserver.jar:./lib/servlet.jar:./lib/jasper.jar:./lib/xml.j
whitestar-11: Tomcat Web Server Version 3.0
Loaded configuration from: file:/cpd/inet/apache/tomcat/server.xml
whitestar-11: ps -ef | grep java

But it works just fine with java 1.1.8_10

Thanks again,


David Meleedy				Analog Devices, Inc.		Three Technology Way
Phone: 781 461 3494			Norwood, MA  02062-9106  USA

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