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Subject Apache+Tomcat HOWTO
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2000 04:48:18 GMT
This may be off-topic for this list, but there is no help or users mailing list
for tomcat.

I need help setting up tomcat for use with apache. The Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO that
comes with tomcat3.0 is not very helpful.

I have an already running Apache 1.3.11 on Linux 2.2 with Apache JServ 1.1. As
per the HOWTO, I commented out the 'Include' for apache jserv 1.1 in httpd.conf
and have instead add a new 'Include' for tomcat's /opt/tomcat/etc/tomcat.conf.

I also have the tomcat 3.0 binary and copied it as
/usr/local/apache/libexec/  (so I can just change symbolic
links when I need jserv1.1 or tomcat. Did the same for httpd.conf)

Some of my questions:
1) like in Apache Jserv, how does tomcat know what it the entry point class?
2) what is the equivalent of apache jserv's file -- which is
where it is specified what jdk to use, the classpath, entry points ..)
3) How does tomcat+apache know where to read the .xml files?

I have made a build of tomcat from source, and the webserver that comes with it
works (the binary rpm does not work though). It is just getting it to work with
apache that is my problem.

John Salvo

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