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From Freddie Mendoza <>
Subject Re: Assigning Port != 8080
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2000 02:49:15 GMT

> Ok, I'm trying to run Tomcat on a port other than 8080, which seems to
> be the default.  I grepped in the /conf directory, and changed all the
> 8080's I could find, cept in the faq and such.  Regardless, when I
> launch tomcat, it binds to 8080.  What is up?  Is there a hidden conf,
> or did someone force 8080 for this build?
> I'm using the latest build, (2/3 17:43).  I tried to use the 3.1M1, but
> I had other issues with that.

I'm using 3.1M1 so  this might not be correct for the
latest CVS snapshot

Have a look at the file:


The port is hardcoded to 8080.

I had the same problem when trying to change the default directory 
other than work.

This could be easily changed but looking at that file, it seems
like there is still work in progress and any changes might be
obsolete later.

If you want to change the port you may have to change the hardcoded
value for now and recompile.

Freddie  Mendoza    
A search engine for the Price Conscious

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