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From Freddie Mendoza <>
Subject getRequestURI()
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2000 23:30:55 GMT

I'm not sure what to make of this but I get 2 different
results using getRequestURI().

When I access a servlet directly on tomcat  via the 8080 port the 
getRequestURI returns the URI without the query strings.

But when I access the servlet via Apache the getRequestURI
returns the URI and the query strings.

It can be recreated by editing one of the examples

Just add something to the "href="../servlet/RequestInfoExample?test"

the "?test" is the query string

Access it via 8080 port and  also via Apache.

You will need to click on the gear image to execute the servlet with
the query string

I am using the latest 3.1 milestone release on Solaris jdk 118

Anyone else have the same problem?

Freddie  Mendoza    
A search engine for the Price Conscious

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