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From Interesse Michelangelo <>
Subject R:Only Having To Put API's in one place???
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 10:39:29 GMT
One choice could be to put your classes anywhere in your directory tree and
adding this path to the CLASSPATH in the shell you use to run tomcat, e.g.:
tomcat.bat or

I hope this is helpfull.

Michelangelo Interesse
      Process Support Systems
               Netsiel S.p.A.
      * ++39-080-5092.220

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> Da:	Eric Lebetsamer[]
> Risposta a:
> Inviato:	mercoledì 23 febbraio 2000 10.06
> A:
> Oggetto:	Only Having To Put API's in one place???
> This may be a really dumb question but here goes.  How can I configure
> tomcat in a manner so that I can use my own API's and I only have to place
> them in a single directory but will still be available to multiple
> applications.  EX.
>     I have 5 apps:(directory strucure)
>         tomcat/app1/
>         tomcat/app2/
>         tomcat/app3/
>         tomcat/app4/
>         tomcat/app5/
>     I have an API called com.hh.util.DoHtml.  Currently I have to place
> this class in every directory listed above.  As you can guess this gets
> very time consuming especially considering that I build to a Dev server
> and a Production server.  I would like to just have one place where all 5
> apps could access this class.  Maybe like "tomcat/classes/" or something.
> Is this possible?  Sorry, this one was hard to put into words.
> Thanks,
>     Eric

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