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From Paolo Sommaruga <>
Subject Re: Configuring Apache+Tomcat for Multiple JVMs
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2000 17:01:46 GMT

>For good and bad tomcat now does not really support the notion of "zone"
>that Jserv used
>instead it support "contexts". We are however using mod_jserv so there may
>be a confusion
>regarding proper set up of new contexts.
>Assuming you want to have two developers (say craig and gal) and two
>different tomcat
>JVMs on ports 8001 and 8002 respectively) you should have
>in tomcat.conf:
># Two routing rules for mod_jserv for two different JVMs
>ApJServMount /craig ajpv12://localhost:8001/root
>ApJServMount /gal ajpv12://localhost:8002/root
>and in server.xml:
>     Two contexts for the two developers...
>        <Context path="/gal" docBase="webapps/examples" debug="0"
>reloadable="true" >
>        </Context>
>        <Context path="/craig" docBase="webapps/examples" debug="0"
>reloadable="true" >
>        </Context>
>Now you can access or
>and each time directed to the correct JVM.

Howto can access to the two JVM with different Url domain ?
One with and the other with

I have seen that the line like

 <ContextManager port="8080" hostName="" inet="">

is missing from the server.xml in Tomcat 3.1M2


				Paolo Sommaruga

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