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From "Randall Parker" <>
Subject Configuration questions now that Tomcat runs in IBM VAJ
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2000 00:27:19 GMT

(I apologize if this message shows up twice but the first attempt didn't appear to work. So
here it is again)

Now that I have Tomcat running in IBM VAJ v3 Enterprise Edition I want to be able to run servlets
of my own 
in it. I am trying to figure out server.xml but I am confused as to whether it is even possible
to do what I want 
to do:

I now have various Tomcat org.apache and other packages loaded into the IBM VAJ IDE. The VAJ
IDE does 
not store Java source files in directory trees. Its all kept in packages that are listed in
various projects. So 
some of the mentions I read about sticking things in directories don't really apply.

Now, one can get the IDE to read Jar files and other files as part of the running of a program
in its JVM. But 
when doing development everything one is developing in it is in the package paths in the IDE.

So my problem is that I want to make my own servlets referenceable from a browser that is
connecting to the 
VAJ IDE running Tomcat. But I don't want to put my classes out in a disk directory. 

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