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From "acheng" <sfch...@Princeton.EDU>
Subject Newbie Q: Install Tomcat on Red Hat Linux
Date Tue, 29 Feb 2000 16:20:56 GMT
Dear List,

I encountered difficulties in installing Tomcat on Red Hat Linux 6.0.
(Although I have successfully installed it on MS Windows 2000.)

The following lists what I have done with Red Hat Linux:

1. download tomcat-3.0-0.src.rpm into my working directory

2. execute the following commands in sequence:

# cd <work_dir>
# rpm -i tomcat-3.0-0.src.rpm
# unzip /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/
# unzip /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/

3a. Tomcat does not work if I execute "" as described in the

# cd <work_dir>/jakarta-tomcat/src/shell
# chmod u+x
# chmod u+x
# ./
--> it does not work

3b. I have also tried the following and failed:

# cd <work_dir>/jakarta-tomcat
# chmod u+x
# ./
--> I get the following error messages:
"Couldn't find or load essential class 'java/lang/Object' ......"

Could any expert teach me how to install Tomcat on Red Hat Linux 6.0?
Thanks in advance.
(Please help! I really like to use Tomcat on Linux.)

By the way, the versions of my Java interpreter and compiler are as follows:

#java -version
Kaffe Virtual Machine
...... Version: 1.0b4   Java Version: 1.1

# javac -version
Pizza v0.39g ......



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