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From "Jayme Edwards" <>
Subject configurable classpath and/or deployment routines for tomcat
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 20:43:22 GMT
When I first started looking at Tomcat, I wanted to just write a Swing front
end to the batch files to allow configuration of the .xml files from a GUI
since this would allow me to redistribute tomcat with a pre-configured set
of contexts. But then when I thought about it, it would probably make more
sense to just install the .war and add the context with some installation
classes since this would allow specification of the destination mappings at
deploy time and the web applications could co-exist with existing ones and
whatever additional services may be configured for tomcat already. One snafu
is that you need to place servlet/EJB classes in WEB-INF/classes and if you
want to assure the availability of additional third-party and extension
libraries (e.g. cocoon.jar, jndi.jar etc.) you have to depend on the user to
either download these and either place them in the "lib" subdirectory of
tomcat and add a reference to them in the .bat files that call the startup
and shutdown or install them in the global classpath. I'm wondering if we
could write some code in an installation class to detect with
Class.forName().newInstance if a class from a lib being installed
(cocoon.jar for example) already exists and if not prompt the user whether
to install it as an extension in the JRE or a lib under Tomcat and make the
change to the .bat files. Maybe there are some APIs in the Java plugin that
could be used to accomplish this. If this is not an appropriate solution,
could we not add some sort of configurable property to tomcat.xml that
affects the runtime classpath. Maybe some of this is already handled better
in J2EE deployment, but it seems these routines could be used to make solid
deployment programs for web applications running on open source servlet
engines compatible with Tomcat's DTD's (hopefully schemas, soon?) and not
/just/ the J2EE platform.

Jayme Edwards
Rockwell Software
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