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From "Steve Widmar" <>
Subject tomcat on linux (another)
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2000 06:15:37 GMT
Hello all - 

Brand new to this project & trying to install/configure/use the
tomcat stuff... (thanks for that)

Have apache 1.3.9 on linux mandrake 6.0 working ok.

Have downloaded (maybe a mistake there) and unzip OK and
chmod to +x on the *.sh, but . results in 'bash:
/bin/ No such file or directory.'

The README sez the script is Korn Shell; is this a shell
issue (I'm running bash)?
If I hardwire the directory prepended to I get the 
'Using classpath:
response (where {$TOMCAT_HOME} is my system-specific and hopefully
unimportant absolute path to tomcat) but doing the same to
hangs it...

Previous posts I've seen make me think I might need jserv...

I am anxious to get to the fun part; unfortunately to do that I have
to bother you people.



(BTW: java -version gets me:
Kaffe Virtual Machine
Engine: Just-in-time Version: 1.0b4 Java Version: 1.1)

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