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From "Anil K. Vijendran" <>
Subject Re: Why was tomcat 3.0 released?
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2000 22:35:40 GMT
On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Kevin A. Burton wrote:

> I was originally very excited when Tomcat 3.0 released.
> But after hacking it out for a week I am very disappointed.   There are
> some very buggy things with the 3.0 release.  I don't think we should
> wait until ApacheCon for the next version.  We should come out with
> Tomcat 3.01 WAY before then.

Let's not go overboard here. No doubt there are bugs in it but at the same
time there are people using it happily. This very same servlet engine is
part of the J2EE server as well.

In three days as per the 3.1 release plan, we should have a "Milestone 1"
for Tomcat 3.1. In a month from there, we should have a "Milestone 2".
Don't you think these are enough? 

I was all for having a 3.0.1 release but lots of re-architecting, feature
work etc has gone into the main branch that taking a snapshot of the main
branch now for a 3.0.1 release seems inappropriate. 

I say we drop 3.0.1 plans and focus more energy into making the milestones

> I assume SUN is pushing to get as many features in there as soon as
> possible but this is a bad thing.  I have been amazed at what the
> Jakarta source code looks like (BAD) in comparison to other Apache
> projects.

Let's get this straight. Sun is not pushing anything here. It is an open
source project and Sun happens to fund some people to work on this
project period. 

> ------------- JspRuntimeLibrary
>         } catch (Exception ex) {
>             throw new JasperException (ex);
>         }    
> -------------
> 1.  How about an ex.printStackTrace() or at least get the exception and
> then put it 

I don't get it. What is your gripe with this piece of code?

> 2.  Why are there tab's in this file (\t) this should not be done. 
> Coding conventions please!

> There also needs to be a ton more bounds checking.  We have noticed that
> some of the example Tomcat configuration's don't match the DTD and also
> that you can call a servlet any name you want... even duplicate names. 
> I think this is a bad thing!

Jump in a fix 'em, my man! :-) 

> What is the status with 3.1?  It would be good if we just focused on
> quality instead of quantity for a while.

Think of a bunch of things you want to work on for 3.1 (like some of the
ones you mentioned above). Add it to the RELEASE-PLAN file with your name
on it and go. 

> In the mean time I would like to request CVS write.  Jon Stevens
> ( will probably vouch for me.  I started the Apache
> JetSpeed project and have been working on Turbine here and there.  I
> don't expect to be doing large commit's or architecture work here but
> some of these bugs would be great to fix and then commit.

+1; as soon as this totals up to +3, I'll wait for 2 mts and then fire off
a mail to duncan who can give you CVS coimmit access. Do you already have
an account on 

> Kevin
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Peace, Anil +<:-)

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