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From "Anil K. Vijendran" <>
Subject Re: [LONG TERM PLAN] Proposed Architecture for Tomcat.Next Servlet Container
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2000 01:59:38 GMT

We had a discussion on this: separate vs 3.1 branch (or revolution vs
evolution) a little while back. There was a sort of voting and some of us
felt it would be good to incorporate all of Craig's ideas into Tomcat 3.1

I feel we reached a decision there and we should continue on the Tomcat
3.1 track until we have a stable release by March. After the 3.1
experience, perhaps we can revisit this decision, evaluate the health
of the Tomcat codebase and see if we indeed should move over to a new
branch for sanity/evolvability reasons. 

What do you think? 

On Sun, 9 Jan 2000, Hans Bergsten wrote:

> > Given that the functional code already exists and just needs to be reorganized some,
> > this is about 1-2 months effort if you do it on a separate branch, but more like
> > months if you do it incrementally on the main branch, with the requirement that
> > always has to work at any given moment.
> I hear you ;-) Can we restart the discussion about running it in parallel on a
> separate branch?

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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