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From "Anil K. Vijendran" <>
Subject [PLAN] Tomcat 3.1 Release
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2000 01:45:52 GMT
Hi All, 

I've checked in a preliminary plan for the Tomcat 3.1 release into the
jakarta-tomcat module. The plan basically has a bunch of dates for Tomcat
3.1, features and owners of those features. 

Following are the broad areas where you can contribute:

1. Tomcat servlet engine
2. Tomcat JSP engine
3. Tomcat product test suite
4. Watchdog - Tomcat's compliance test harness and test suite

Here's how you can contribute as a developer:

If you'd like to implement something for the Tomcat 3.1 release, please
send a proposal out to tomcat-dev, so it can be voted on. Once there are
sufficient +1s, you can add yourself as a owner for that feature in the
RELEASE-PLAN and start working towards finishing it in time for the
Milestone 2. 

If you'd like to see something implemented but don't have the time to do
so, please send a note out anyway. Perhaps there'll be someone else with
spare cycles to implement it. 

If you'd like to work on one of the existing items there, please
coordinate with the owner as listed there and get your name added to the

If you see a test missing or broken in either Watchdog (compliance test
suite) or Tomcat (Tomcat test suite), you can add or fix it there. 

If you are a Tomcat user, here's how you can help:

It would be good to have some user experience with each milestone and
before a final release. That is, for each milestone after the code freeze 
date but before tagging the release, you would download and test the new
binary say by running whatever you were running under Tomcat earlier. It
would be good to have such a team with coverage for different platforms
and JDKs. You can also help the project management committee decide if a
release/milestone is a "go" or not. 

Please send any comments (-/+1's etc :-) you might have on this release
process or plan to this list. 


Peace, Anil +<:-)

  		       Tomcat 3.1 Release Plan
     The objective of 3.1 release is to enable us to demonstrate by
     ApacheCon substantial progress towards the goals of having a Tomcat
       (a) is better integrated with Apache 
       (b) is moving towards becoming a clear replacement to Apache
  The Tomcat 3.1 release cycle has two intermediate milestones (with
  "burn-in" periods for both) as well as a final milestone. 
  Milestone 1:
  * Code freeze date: Jan 15
  * Tag date: Jan 22
  * Goals:
      * Rearchitect request processing and deployment/configuration
         - Developers: Costin Manolache (
         - QA: Ramesh Mandava (
      * Rearchitect session management, incorporate some of Craig's
        Tomcat.Next ( concepts into the
         - Developers: Craig Mcclanahan (
                       Costin Manolache (
         - QA: Ramesh Mandava (
  Milestone 2:
  * Code freeze date: Feb 15
  * Tag date: Feb 22
  * Goals: 
      * Implement Servlet Reloading
         - Developers: Sam Ruby (
         - QA: Ramesh Mandava (
      * Implement logging
         - Developers: Anil Vijendran (
         - QA: Ramesh Mandava (
      * A Minimal Admin/Deployment Tool
         - Developers: Justyna Horwat (
         - QA: Ramesh Mandava (
  Tomcat 3.1 Final:
  * Code freeze date: Mar 1
  * Tag date: Mar 7
  * Goals: 
      * Fix all bugs reported
  * Release Manager: Sam Ruby (

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