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Subject Re: Looking for the ajp23 spec
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 08:21:30 GMT
>  Is there a spec for ajp23 ?

No, just the code.

It started as a bi-directional extension to AJP11 ( based also on a spec
from ).

The main ideea is the thread model - Apache 1.3 doesn't support threads,
that mean we need to do some tricks to support callbacks. 

When Apache starts it connects to Tomcat and keeps that connection open 
( that saves TCP startup time ). When a HTTP request needs to be served by
tomcat, Apache will send some of the informations in request_rec in a
package, then wait for any response. The response is a function code and
parameters ( "send header", "send body", or any other callback we define).
Apache will execute the callback and send the response, then wait again.

Everything works with 1 thread on Apache side ( the "main" thread) and 1
thread used on Tomcat side, with alternative execution. Of course, that
has limitations, but I can't think of any better way to deal with Apache
thread restrictions.


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