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Subject Re: WAR Files
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2000 23:37:27 GMT
> > What I don't like is the  code that tries to deal with serving out of
> > unexpanded war files, and all classloader tricks ( loading a jar file
> > from a jar for libs, special cases in mappings, etc).
> sorry the code causes you such distress. i believe if we ran on jdk1.2.x
> that the class loader would be much cleaner. this was my intention.

I like many of the tricks in the code ( I always like tricks and hacks),
but not in the core! That's all I want with the unexpanded war - move it
to a module.

Do you think serving from unexpanded WAR is simpler ? What about tomcat
integrated with Apache or another web server?  Right now serving files
from the file system is something familiar for most people - that's the
way most servers work. I think that should be the default for tomcat too.

Do we want to deal with multiple internal representations ? Yes, I would
be interested in a module that will pick files from a database, but not in
the core, in a module. 

The reason starting from scratch is such a popular alternative is that
tomcat is too complex - and some people believe a better architecture
will keep it from becoming complex. But the complexity in the current code
is mostly due to features and requirements in the servlet API ( request
dispatcher, etc) - and removing features from core and moving  to 
modules is good. 


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