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Subject Re: [Catalina] Discussion - Component Configuration Strategy
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2000 16:37:31 GMT
> The current (non-Catalina) version of Tomcat has a very similar data object to
> your PropertyTree already defined-- org.apache.tomcat.util.XMLTree -- that was
> (and might still be?) used for pretty much this purpose.
> However, having listened to the interesting discussion on this topic so far,
> I'm actually coming to a different, and somewhat radical (appropriate, I guess,
> for a "revolution" :-) viewpoint -- there should be no such thing as a

Well, we are in total agreement ( with the small observation that it's not
a radical "revolution", it's the current tomcat :-)

( XMLTree is just one of the ways to set up tomcat - even if I don't like
it, it is a valid and accepted solution. Other ways are JNDI,
SimpleStartup, ant-like XmlHelper, deploy package - all are valid in this
architecture, and Avalon will also work with the right adapters, if
someone writes them. ) I think it's the right architecture, and even if it
is not, it doesn't deny any alternative.

> I think this approach deals with most of the negative consequences of the
> various approaches we've been discussing.  How does it sound?

It's exactly what I want ( but it seems I'm very,very  bad at
explaining it). Thanks, Craig. 


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