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Subject RE: fix...
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 13:33:32 GMT
> You can find more information about the web.xml and server.xml file in the
> Servlet API 2.2 specification. You can download it from here:

About web.xml - which is the _standard_ way to set up servlets and
web applications (mapping,etc).

server.xml is just one way to set up tomcat, another way is, which shows how you can embed tomcat in your

You can modify SimpleStartup and make it use your own configuration
mechanism ( LDAP/JNDI, registry, properties, XML, whatever).

Even if that may sound confusing for users, keep in mind that tomcat
is a server like sendmail, apache, bind - and flexibility is more
important than "trivial setup".

For regular users ( i.e. not sysadmins setting up distributed servers ),
you should use tomcat standalone and  server.xml ( not very well
documented yet ).

We are working on improving that ( both by adding documentation and 
simpler mechanism to do simple tasks ).


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