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Subject Re: XML config
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 11:57:12 GMT
Since we are talking about XML config, and you asked 
for feedback, I can't resist...

I know on this list everyone believe XML solves all the 
world problems, but I want (again) to point that in
the configuration case, XML is not the only solution
( and IMHO it's not the best solution for all cases! ),
and a good design should let the components to be
configured independent of the particular configuration
subsystem - so later, maybe we can support a "directory"
-based configuration.

As you know, directory servers are used for this
for a while, long before XML, and they may provide
some advantages ( build-in replication and update,
change notification, existing tools, transactions).

( AFAIK, LDAP schema is similar enough and allows
many validations not possible with simple DTDs,
and while XSchema is still changing, LDAP servers
are up and running now )

( just my personal opinion, no need to convince
me I'm wrong !)

> That's not my point. My point is that if you _can't_ validate it, then
> it must not be well-defined. I'm not suggesting that anything other than
> the server should validate it!

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