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Subject RE: Role of HttpServer
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:36:40 GMT
> The result of all that is that it seems to me to be possible for the
> connectors to set the server name and server port to appropriate values
> without needing those values to be held by the ContextManager. Where the
> server is remote, the protocol supplies the info, where tomcat is providing
> the HTTP connection, the info comes from the local side of the socket.

> > Tomcat still have "legacy" code from the "standalone" case, HttpServer
> > used to implement the http server,
> I started this thread wondering if we can remove that legacy code.

I think we should. 

Probably port and host can be removed from ContextManager without harm,
and we can move the responsability for setting serverName and serverPort
to adapters ( who will create Request implementations anyway).

+1 on your changes, please send the diffs - next week I'll start
commiting them. It would be usefull to have a
also - without HttpServer.  ( that will also solve the kaffe problem,
it seems kaffe doesn't like introspection nor RMI, but works after that ).


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