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Subject Re: XML config [ was: Re: MS IIS and Apache feature war]
Date Sun, 16 Jan 2000 23:23:28 GMT
> > You have a "context" - that will match a set of requests.
> > You define the context using the <if> module ( and
> > "context" in apache will mean vhost, regexp-matched
> > locations, directories, etc).
> > 
> > Inside the <if> you set all context-related properties,
> > including handler, etc.
> > 
> > Some other modules will use the <module> syntax to configure
> > themself, and in <if> you reference them using the name.
> > All if config goes under the directory cache, and
> > probably "global" modules under server cache.
> > 
> > Am I far away from your meaning ( if so probably I'm a
> > lost cause for configuration ... )
> No, that's pretty close to what I mean (which leaves me wondering what
> you think you don't understand!).

That "if" really confuse me, if you could just use a different
name... ( like "context" ! ).

> > In this example <module> implementation deal only with
> > instantiating a <jserv> object and setting the properties.
> > ( alternate syntax would be <jserv port="8007"  /> )
> > <Module> doesn't deal with anything else but  config.
> Ah, in this case, the port is some internally used port, not the vhost
> port?

Bad example (it is the port used by jserv to forward
requests to tomcat, nothing to do with vhost or context.
mod_jserv is used only if a request has "jserv" handler.)

> > I have no ideea how to do that
> > in tomcat - but since the spec requires only "Vhost+Location"
> > I don't need to worry. ( and tomcat+apache will just use
> > apache definitions ).
> Well hold on there, pardner. Vhost+Location is really all the Apache
> deals with, it just does it in a variety of ways - so the location can
> be matched by a regex, or after it has been translated to a native path,
> and so on.

That's really great, because at least the server API is very clear
about that ( since "native path" is not so important for a servlet). 

> Now, the mechanism I'm proposing could also go beyond vhost+location,
> but even dealing with that in a consistent and clear way would be a step
> forward, and making it universal would be a big step forward.

Yes, if you can do that ( without "if" tag), I'm sure it will
be great ( and a step forward for tomcat - what you described
is what I think we should also use for tomcat ).


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