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From <>
Subject It doesn't start at all :((((
Date Sat, 08 Jan 2000 23:01:41 GMT

I propose addition to Tomcat-HOWTO:

1) In point "Testing configuration" there is:
"* Try http://<hostname>/examples -- you should see the Tomcat

It doesn't work because of:
    - there is no instruction for copying example files into www root
directory, so we should add into poin 2.3 line:
	* Copy example files: cp /path/to/html-files-root/examples/*

    - but there is no index.html file to view, so it should be done too.

2) I'v done it but servlets reffered from 
http://localhost/examples/jsp/index.html will not work. In added
mod_jserv.log file I'v found:
[08/01/2000 22:34:27:123] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: can not connect to host
[08/01/2000 22:34:27:123] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: connection fail
[08/01/2000 22:34:27:123] (ERROR) an error returned handling request via
protocol "ajpv12"

Why? Why in HOWTO there is nothing about JServ zones or java properties? 
My old servlets will not work too, even copyied in any possible
correct location.

Please help, I'm installing Tomcat with and without JServ standard
instalation from 3 days and I'v nothing done yet :(((

Radoslaw Wisniewski
Akademickie Stowarzyszenie Informatyczne
Politechnika Wroclawska

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