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Subject Integrating Apache and Tomcat
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2000 01:55:52 GMT
       I am trying to use JSP with Apache web server on windows NT.  I have
downloaded latest available
   Tomcat (version 3.0) release, and extracted the files into
<Apache-Install-Dir>.  I have added a line in the
   "conf/httpd.conf" file to include the
"<path-to-tomcat-installdir>/etc/tomcat.conf" file.   I also downloaded
   the "ApacheModuleJServ.dll" provided in win32 directory of Tomcat
release web page, and copied it to
   the "modules" directory of Apache web server.  I tried restarting the
server, but I am getting an error saying the
   "ApacheModuleJServ.dll" isn't a valid windows dll file.

  I would appreciate if you can provide any further information regarding this matter.  Thank

  --Rama Garimella

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