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Subject Re: Jsp scripting elements revisited
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 12:07:22 GMT

It seems to me that we are converging.  But just to make sure, lets start
over with a clean slate, and I will try again, this time expressing my
desires in the form of questions.

Danno wrote:
> <> wrote:
> >
> > I'll probably do that as an initial step, but my real interest is in
> > usurping the meanings of things like <% %> while still providing a
> Usurping the meaning of a core element like that means you are changing
> spec.  The very need to describe an action as usurping is revolutionary
> the core.

Perhaps a poor choice of words on my part.  It seems to me that the intent
of the spec is precisely for
   < language="perl"/>
to change the way in which subsequent
   <% $out->println("hello world!"); %>
should be interpreted.

As near as I can tell, while the spec alludes to support for languages
other than Java, it provides no guidance as to how such languages are to be
defined to the implementation.

So my initial questions are:

1) Is my interpretation of the page directive above correct?
2) Anybody have any suggestions on the shape and form of the interfaces
that Jasper should provide in order to enable third parties to "plug in"
language support?

If we come to consensus on these two, it is my intent to make it so.

- Sam Ruby

P.S.  Both questions above were formed in such a was as to not require any
changes to the current spec.  Follow on questions, particularly to the
first one, will not be so clear.   Example: if an alternate language is
chosen, will there ever be a need to "escape back into Java", and if so
should this be up to the various implementations or speced in a portable
manner?  My tactical error in this discussion was starting this discussion
in the middle and presuming an answer.

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