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Subject Re: Jsp scripting elements revisited
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2000 19:55:26 GMT

Danno wrote:

> How about I put the support back but in but the implementation code first
> test against a constant that has a static final value of false, and if
> compatibility is needed then the vendor can change the source code to
> and recompile it?
> How about posting what you do have as a revolution, ala the catalina
> Then we could see whaqt is really going on without abstract discussions.
> Perhaps someone out there has a slick solution to our problems.  More
> couldn't hurt.

I'll take a look at it as part of the (r)evolution below.  Probably with an
init-parm so that this constant can be specified at runtime.

> And it took a week to notice?  This tells me that what you are doing is
> likely revolutionary and not evolutionary, see my above block.

As I said, I never got the initial cvs notification.  The "virtual branch"
is a very manual process.  I have two machines - one that I do "pure"
Tomcat development and a thinkpad that I do demos on (after merging back in
my changes).  I was traveling.  Combined it took me a week to notice.
Shoot me.

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