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Subject Re: Posting automated builds to (was: sideswiped)
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2000 17:32:41 GMT

Anil wrote:
>There is one Windows machine available for us to do builds. This is
>outside the Sun firewall. Help with how to setup automated builds would be
>much appreciated. Essentially what this boils down to is to have a script
>checkout (or use one of the 6-hr snapshots) the sources and do a build,
>run tests and ftp the build over to

>A lot of this process is in a bit of flux and is mostly there in main.xml
>(jakarta-tools/buildscripts). If any of you can actually try to use this
>main.xml to do builds via "at"-based scripts on Windows NT, that'd be

Status update for both JDK 1.1.8 and JDK 1.2.2 on Windows NT:

With the latest cvs, ant -buildfile D:\jakarta-tools\buildscripts\main.xml
now works

With the resulting executables: Watchdog passes 100% of both the servlet
and jsp tests.  Tomcat-test passes all but bigDeclaration.jsp, which also
fails on SunOS.

ant -buildfile D:\jakarta-tools\buildscripts\main.xml test will cause the
tests to be run, but the output is not captured.  For some reason, any
attempt to run Java from within a batch file with the output redirected
seems to behave as if a "START /WAIT" were issued instead - i.e., a new
command window is opened and the output appears there.

I'm investigating creating a new taskdef which will directly invoke the
java code of your choice without the need for runtest.bat or
Setting up the temporary property overrides and passing parameters may
require nested XML to do this properly.  Any pointers or suggestions will
be welcome.

>In general, help with nightly builds for any platforms (other than
>Solaris, Linux) would be great.

Forgive me, but it looks like the the Linux build needs some attention...

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