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From Milton Taylor <>
Subject TomCat configuration update.
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 08:19:20 GMT
I thought you might be interested to know that I have been successful in
getting TomCat to work with IBM's variant of Apache for NT.


IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) V1.3.6.2
ApacheModuleJServ.dll  from the NT build of ApacheJServ V1.1b3
TomCat 3.0
Windows NT4 SP5
Sun JDK 1.2.2-001

I did have three problems:

1. By default, the IBM admin server does not let the http server access
tomcat.conf in the default location. This is a security thing. Since I
wasn't sure what directives to add, I copied tomcat.conf to the web
server's \conf directory, and used that in the <Include> directive for

2. I had trouble with the <IfModule ...> directive in tomcat.conf
It could have been a buggy version of ApacheModuleJServ.dll which I
tried from an earlier version
of JServ (Which I thought would better match the version of IBM Web
Server, being a 1.3.6 derivative).
It was complaining about not seeing the </IfModule> directive anywhere.
I just deleted both of them.

3. A general comment: there seems to be problems downloading 'raw' dll
modules from the apache site using http. You have to use ftp to get an
exact image. WinNT does not like the extra padding that must get put on
the end. These files should either be zipped (which is not a bad
protection for download corruption anyway), or they should be available
by ftp. There are reports of this problem in the FAQ, and I had the same

Let me know if this is useful information.

Milton Taylor
Ingennia Systems Pty Ltd
(Melbourne, Australia)

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