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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: XML config
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2000 04:34:39 GMT

my .02 ... i don't see a problem with storing an xml file, if only
in memory, from one system to another.

to the point, tomcat today has local server.xml as a persistent and
readily configurable format (no need for any other tools) ... as
i see it, tomcat could be modified so that it obtained a derived
config file, in xml format, from any source in addition to a local
file read. the code is not all that difficult (eg one url read) and
furthers the administration capabilities of tomcat tremendously
imo. the implementation details as to how the xml formated data
was derived should be hidden behind the service that generated the

this was my intention of bringing server.xml on the scene. a local
file read today, a url pull tomorrow, we'll see what next the day
after. being a practical guy i chose simple steps along the path to
this objective. it is quite possible that others have interpretted this
planned and staged roll-out differently then it was intended.

hope this helps,

- james wrote:

> > > It's like taking the data out of a relational database and save it in XML,
> > > and then parsing the XML to do a search or manipulation.
> >
> > Hmm. Oracle 8i allows you to do a query and get the results as an
> > XML document, instead of as a JDBC result set.
> >
> > Making XML the wrapper for relational (or LDAP, or whatever) data does
> > not
> > mean losing the abilities of the underlying store; it just means that
> > queries return a single format parseable in a generic way.
> > It's another question whether baking in XML knowledge is the right thing
> > to do, but using XML as the data representation does not imply using it
> > as the storage mechanism.
> If you read carefully all the configuration proposals based on XML, that's
> exactly what they want - XML is used as the storage for the configuration
> info, and the sofware is based around reading this file.
> It's not XML used as data representation, it's XML used as storage and
> manipulation and query.
> In your example, Oracle 8i doesn't store it's data in XML, and the
> software will ask oracle to do a query and return the result, it will not
> get the full database and parse it and compute the response.
> For configuration - the software should be able to connect to a
> configuration service and query it, instead of exporting the data from
> LDAP to XML and then parsing it and query.
> When you save it in XML you lose the ability of LDAP - you can't get
> notification ( triggers) when data changes, you can't have ACL to control
> access to individual portions, etc, etc.
> Costin
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