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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject [Catalina] Revised Project Proposal
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2000 06:51:56 GMT
In accordance with the agreed-to policy on "revolutions vs. evolutions"
(currently being formalized by the PMC), I hereby submit revised
proposal for a new component-based architecture for the Tomcat servlet
container.  As a proposal, this code is not an official part of the
source tree for Tomcat, and carries no version number.  It is stored in
the CVS repository (in directory "proposals/catalina" for ease of access
by interested parties, and so that we can use the usual CVS facilities
to track changes in the proposed source files as they occur.

The proposal is based on the original "Proposal for a Tomcat.Next
architecture", but fleshed out with many examples of implemented
components.  The functionality is nowhere near complete, but the
examples should assist us in evaluating (and improving) the basic
architectural approach, as described in the basic component interfaces.
There is a document (in file "proposals/catalina/docs/index.html")
describing the background, rationale, and functional architecture of the
proposed code.

If you wish to comment on, ask questions about, or suggest changes to
any aspect of this proposal, please put the term "[Catalina]" in square
brackets at the beginning of your subject line.  This will help people
who are interested pay attention and not miss anything, while people who
are not interested can easily filter or delete these messages.

Craig McClanahan

PS:  Why "Catalina?"  Because it was suggested (thanks Hans!) as another
island (in the Jakarta tradition, but without the political overtones
:-).  It also happens to have a city named Avalon on it, which would be
quite appropriate as we consider using the Avalon framework
( in the refinement of this proposal.

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