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From AresChild <>
Subject Re: MS IIS and Apache feature war
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2000 06:56:51 GMT
    I hear your point but personally feel that config utilities that are designed
based on a GUI tend to be difficult to use and maintain in the long run.  My typical
approach is to design a command line interface FIRST! Of utmost importance,  this
allows me to do regression testing early.  As more features are added,  more
resgression tests are added.  The last thing I do is design the user interface around
the flattened out details of the command line interface.

    Also,  I really don't see the point in having a GUI (whether it be X or some
other graphics layer) running on a server.  This is (IMHO) a waste of valuable
resources that could be put to better use serving clients.  This is my main beef with
Windows NT.  I don't see NT being a true UNIX contender until it can run without its

    The beauty of the X design is that the X server runs on the client (not the
server).  The only resources used on the application server is that of the X app

    The point to this long winded mess is simply this: let me work the way I want to
work when I want to work that way!  If you insist on having a UI for configuration,
let it be done whether X is running or not.  Lynx is a great piece of software and I
use it quite often!  And of the UNIX developers that I know,  it seems to get used
quite a bit.

My $0.02.

Amancio Hasty wrote:

> > Whoa there partner! Lynx is hardly irrelevant! It is the browser of choice
> > (still) for many! Including those that use adaptive computer equiptment.  I
> > know at least one visually impaired consultant that would definately not share
> > your view about lynx.
> > Kevin
> The question is how much is many that use Lynx and I bet that the number
> falls to less than 1 percent. ie holds around 75% of the market and the rest falls
> more to netscape.
>         Take Care

Kevin L. McWhirter | |

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