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From Bill Ataras <>
Subject MS IIS and Apache feature war
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2000 23:26:51 GMT
Just some thoughts here. I've been reading that MS is going after apache
market share by adding features to IIS (ASP etc).

I think java is the clear direction on the server side. I think we
ultimately need to combine apache + java (jsp/servlets) as the "new
apache" or in a way that clearly says apache includes jsp/servlets by
default (not yet another mod). MS is very good at shaping a product's
image (marketing). Apache has a killer brand and is 1st in market share.
I'd hate to see that lost because the open source community is superior
technically, but can't or won't (shall I say it?) "market".

I'm not saying add so much to apache that is crosses from web server to
app server, but certainly jsp/servlets are part of web server space...
and possibly jdbc with mysql - because what good are dynamic web pages
without decent persistence. Also add ssl in september when the rsa
patent expiires. (distribute from non-US site or something I don't

Just thoughts. Java can win on the server apache has been winning so
far, let's not drop the ball.

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