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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: Why was tomcat 3.0 released?
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2000 23:22:39 GMT
"Anil K. Vijendran" wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Kevin A. Burton wrote:
> > The problem is that JServ is 2.0 and Jakarta is 2.2.  The community
> > really needs a 2.2 "solid" servlet container/engine.  Between the
> > deprecated methods and RequestDispatcher it is a large gap between 2.0
> > and 2.2.  It would be nice if we could fully integrate it into Apache
> > and then hit the milestones.
> Agree that the community needs a good servlet 2.2 engine.
> "Fully integrate with Apache". What exactly do you mean? Which part of the
> integration would you be most interested in? Can you start working on this
> for the second Milestone? That's Feb 15, not too far.

Yeah.  So right now JServ is totally solid.  Jakarta... in it's 3.0
version... just needs some work towards this direction.  The thing is
that almost all the Apache code (unlike code from Micro$oft) is totally
*rock* solid.  I want to get Jakarta to this point.  Where you run it
and don't have any doubts that it will perform like a champ :)
The really cool thing is as soon as this happens, and Apache/Jakarta can
totally pair up.  IIS (and Netscape HTTPD's) is just a dead product.  I
worked for a large ISP and the only reason customers would *ever* go
with IIS is the SQL/ASP combination.  With Jakarta this will disapeer
and it will be all Solaris/Linux machines. :)  Now when Apache 2.0 comes
out this will really put the nail in the coffin :)

> >
> > ---------
> >          } catch (Exception ex) {
> >              throw new JasperException ("an error has occured in a
> > method");
> >          }
> > ---------
> Yeah, bad. Will change that sucker to what you posted initially.

Kevin A Burton
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