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Subject Re: You have to break eggs to make an omlette [was: LONG TERM PLAN]
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2000 19:02:10 GMT
> > Why? Is it because the interceptors are picked from server.xml and are
> > configured in by core?
> >
> The current approach taken by the Tomcat.Next "Lifecycle" interface passes a DOM node
> that you use to configure yourself.  The intent is that the Lifecycle pattern would
> be generally used for setting up most Tomcat.Next components, but it's not required.
> I'm not hung up on this approach, but the Tomcat.Current technique (convert the DOM
> to an XmlTree and deal with that) seems like overkill when Tomcat requires an XML
> parser to configure itself anyway -- you're pretty much guaranteed to have the DOM
> interfaces hanging around as well.

No, the current Startup is broken.

Tomcat.current architecture allows you to start and configure tomcat using APIs,
in fact J2EE doesn't use at all the package, and if you embed tomcat
you don't need any XML at all.

The rule in the current architecture is: no XML in core, the configuration is done
via APIs ( with all the strong typing mechanisms ). You can't require a system
that embeds tomcat to use XML.

( BTW - fixing Startup is a big item on the todo list and has nothing to do with
the core architecture - anyone can work on it and it's ok to have alternative
starters - take a look at etc/ in the distribution)


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