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Subject Re: Here it is, a manual for Ant.
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2000 16:00:05 GMT
"Kuiper, Arnout" wrote:

> Hi,
> I needed a manual for Ant, so I made one. It's available at:
> This is a first draft version, but IMHO it's a good starting point.

Great stuff!!! What do you intend to do with it - is it a contribution
that you want checked in or is an individual project ?

My feedback:
- some mistakes in tables - some things are not "required"

- "init" target - it is still in the code, but Stefano strongly
disagreed about "hidden behaviour" and it will be removed
( or at least it shouldn't be used). I still believe it is a good ideea,

but I don't have the time to fight for it with Stefano.

- Properties - there are some dark points about properties
( i.e. can be set only at initialization, since right now the
properties are set and replaced in the read stage.).
I added the properties to Ant as a hack, and I admit it was
a bad ideea ( that is still needed ).
Also, the automatic replacement of ${x} in any target is

The problem - it is outside XML spec, which has BTW a
mechanism to solve the problem - entitites.

IMHO, Properties need to be fixed - in that only certain
attributes will permit ${properties} and the props will
be evaluated by the task, at task run time. I don't know
when this will be fixed, but be aware of property limitations.
( it's an implementation problem - every standard task
will work as before and the syntax will still be the same,
just the problem of "eval at xml reading" has to be
fixed )

- Chmod - remove "works only under Unix". Maybe
"right now has efect only under Unix". Windows also
has a mechanism of permissions ( attrib?), but nobody
cares to implement them in chmod and it's not
so important ( as exec is not a property).

- Exec.os - list of OS where the command will be execed,
matched against java.os system property.

- Get - add a small comment that it's the prefered method
in automated builds, instead of CVS which is slower.
Take a look at jakarta-tools/buildscripts, you may
want to add something about automated builds.

- replace - add "in a file"

- Licence :-) - if you place it unde Apache it would be
great if we can check it in, as it can be a great contributions.
If not - let us know if we're at least allowed to point to your
doc :-)


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