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Subject Re: Cleanup: sessions
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2000 20:40:39 GMT
> Is it necessary to pass the response here in order to create the session?  I
> was under the impression that the Request itself already knew which Response
> it was associated with, and you could therefore follow the chain if you
> really needed to (for setting the cookie, for example).

Well, there is a reason to pass both - the method might affect the response,
and it is important to have this clear in the signature instead of having a
side effect.
Also, both Request and Response are available - I see no reason to add an
extra request.getResponse() ( that will be needed since response is allways
used to create a new session)

> >
> >     public void accessed(HttpSession session);
> This updates the "last accessed time" value, right?


Also note that a SessionManager needs to use the public methods in

If you need more - you can make more methods public, but with a lot of care
as this will affect the interfaces we'll put on Request/Response.


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