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Subject Re: Proposal: request processing cleanup
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 22:12:51 GMT
Assaf Arkin wrote:

> How can the following be achieved with the new design:
> Add a global interceptor used by all contexts (e.g. a logging
> interceptor, security, etc) that must be executed before some
> Interceptors (and the Servlet itself) but after other interceptors ( at
> least the one that determines the context)?

The order of the interceptors and what interceptors are called is

Take a look at httpd.conf - inteceptor==module.

> Be able to start/stop a specific context without affecting the other
> contexts? If a context is now served by an Interceptor, could that
> Interceptor expose some management functionality?

It's orthogonal - have nothing to do with the way a request is processed,
and it's not the job of an Interceptor.

When a request is started/stoped we can have some "ContextStatus"
interceptors, but that's another issue.

Management is not the job of interceptors either - use the existing APIs
or add new APIs.

> Could the SessionInterceptor be aware of a session's access boundaries
> (i.e. begin/end of service request for that session) so that sessions
> can be load balanced and persisted?

It's up to the SessionInterceptor, the model doesn't prevent this.

> Could (should?) the SessionInterceptor be used to terminate a session?

It is called only when a request comes, the session is terminated on timeout.

The SessionInterceptor may terminate sessions - but it's up to the
implementation of the interceptor, not in core.

> Discovery of all contexts in the server so an Interceptor can be
> configured externally but the configuration will correspond to contexts
> set in the server?

It's a different story - server management should be independent of the
request processing model.


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