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Subject Re: Release planning (was some jsp pages fail &
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 20:30:59 GMT
> There has been talk of rotating the "release manager" responsibilities.
> I'll even go so far as to step forward and volunteer to do this for  3.1.
> I'll admit to being extremely anal about starting from a clean check out,
> and publishing and automating the process of building the binary
> distribution.  I think that this would be good for the project, and helpful
> for the next person who gets this job.

I can help with Linux on Intel/Sparc or Solaris, or any other Unix.

-1 on 3.1 ( 3.0.1 since it doesn't include any major change, let's use the
main branch for development and the release branch for "bug-fix"
releases )


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