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From James Todd <>
Subject Re: [LONG TERM PLAN] Proposed Architecture for Tomcat.Next ServletContainer
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 11:00:37 GMT
> What do all the other Tomcat interested parties think?

+1 on craig's proposal. i also don't think this precludes all of
costin's ideas but then again i'm sure there is a bit of overlap.

i've worked lots of  "proto to production" projects and selective
refactoring is the best bet in my book. i've also had to coordinate
parallel development of production fixes (dot-dots) and development
mods ... this is the way it works for most aggressive production
systems as i see it.

another benefit of this route is that craig has taken the time to
"paint the picture" such that a number of folks should be able to
jump in and chew on various pieces of the puzzle in tandem ...
again allowing for optimal parallelism.

hope this helps,

- james

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