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Subject Re: approving messages
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2000 01:23:15 GMT
Hi Brian,

> I am working on getting a bug database up (anyone who wants to
> help write a servlet-based bug database, please contact me
> privately), so I figure this is a short-term situation.

I'd be glad to help. 

A little background: I'm a Sun certified java programmer, and
I am familiar with JSP (0.92) and servlets (2.0).  I've been
developing server side Java on Apache/Linux full time for the
last two years.

I was planning on writing a to-do list program for the team I
lead at work using Apache+Java+JSP+JSDK.  Basically, a bug is
simply a kind of to do item.  A to do item has a priority
(High, Low, None), is attached to a project, is assigned to
a developer, has a status (done, in progress, etc.), and
either has an expected completion date or is attached to
a deliverable or milestone.  Each to do item also has a
title, a short description, and a comments field for the

Say you have a prototype or beta software being tested by
clients or the open source community; they fill bug reports,
which are entered into the system but not assigned to any
developer.  The project leader then inspects the new entries
in the list, sets a priority and assigns responsibility to
a developer or to a group of developers.  Each developer
consults his to do list where he/she sees his tasks, with the
higher priorities first.

I wrote such a system, but client/server and on NextStep ages ago.
It was simple, it worked, and it really helped the developers
be more productive by focusing on the important tasks.  Each
morning we'd get in, fire up the to do list application, and
start working on the task that appeared on top of the list.

In a future version I'll also add the capability to enter
time spent on each task, because right now at work they
have us fill in Excel spreadsheets for timesheets and that

Anyway if you'd like me to work on the bug database, send me
an email!  I'd like to know what type of solution you had
envisioned, especially for the backend (JDBC? Object
serialization? etc?)


Pascal Forget

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