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From Seth Ladd <>
Subject simple changes to HOWTO
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2000 04:49:16 GMT

I just pulled down the latest source for Tomcat from CVS, and compiled
it with the Ant tools.  The process is so perfect and clean, I'm really

I do have just two slight changes to the HOWTO I'd like to propose. 
I've seen requests for these types of changes before, so maybe someone
will find them useful.

Basically, I changed the location to place the module  In
my Apache installation, which is a regular ./configure; make; make
install, the modules directory is libexec.  This is further supported by
the etc/tomcat.conf file, which references the module in

The second change is just informing the user to start up Tomcat with the
supplied startup scripts.

Hope people find these useful,

Index: Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO
RCS file: /home/cvspublic/jakarta-tomcat/src/etc/Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -c -r1.1 Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO
*** Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO 1999/12/17 00:18:01     1.1
--- Tomcat+Apache-HOWTO 2000/01/04 04:45:31
*** 62,68 ****
!          and copy it into /path/to/apache-1.3.9/modules.
         * Edit /path/to/apache-1.3.9/conf/httpd.conf and add the
           following line at the end:
--- 62,68 ----
!          and copy it into /path/to/apache-1.3.9/libexec.
         * Edit /path/to/apache-1.3.9/conf/httpd.conf and add the
           following line at the end:
*** 74,79 ****
--- 74,82 ----
         * Restart Apache (apachectl restart or Apache -k restart on
         * Make sure http://<hostname> is working
+        * Start Tomcat (/path/to/tomcat3.0/ for Unix or
+          /path/to/tomcat3.0/startup.bat for Win32)
         * Try http://<hostname>/examples -- you should see the Tomcat

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