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From Paul Philion <>
Subject Interesting issue using Jikes as compiler
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2000 04:03:03 GMT
Greetings -

I've just started using jikes as the compiler for Tomcat (thanks for the
patch and it's inclusion in CVS!) and an interesting thing is happening:

When I build, I get notified by jikes that the following files are "not
valid zip files":


(Note: JAVA_HOME is expanded to my correct java home, the real dir is
not useful here.)

This grabbed my attention for two reasons:

1) Those jar files are not in my CLASSPATH

2) I can't find direct reference to any such jar file in any of the
build stuff, so they don't look like they are getting appended to the
CLASSPATH by ant, etc.

So where are they coming from? Is my system messed up some how? Am I
missing something?


- Paul Philion

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