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From Amancio Hasty <>
Subject Re: MS IIS and Apache feature war
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2000 08:14:40 GMT
> >     I hear your point but personally feel that config utilities that are designed
> > based on a GUI tend to be difficult to use and maintain in the long run.  My typical
> > approach is to design a command line interface FIRST! Of utmost importance,  this
> +1 on this !
> I'm sure we can have the coolest GUI - with an amazing architecture
> that will configure everything, etc,etc.
> But remember that we are missing some basic tools to deploy 
> and configure an application. 

These are all fine points and I think I have enough data points
on what this group likes and dislikes. Time to sit down , design
and code. When I am at comfortable stage to present something
to the group I will.

	Best Regards

 Amancio Hasty

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