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From Amancio Hasty <>
Subject Re: MS IIS and Apache feature war
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 11:06:34 GMT
> As i say it seems you dont see the issue here..
> Will you move from the server to your laptop to do configuration?????? I
> won't...  I wanna do stuff where i am, and i do extensively use lynx for
> configuration, if im not seated at my workplace. Then i use my laptop....

I do understand what you are saying . I am an X Server developer
and at least one of my earlier X servers XS3  ran on FreeBSD and 
Linux;additionallly , you still have the option of running X apps on 
the server.

Yes, I use my laptop to configure servers -- I have the gui front
end plus lots of develpment tools so I not only can configure
my servers I can also hack on them. 

>use loads of stuff in the gui, you will see less use of the interface, just
>because ppl dont have support for it when they need it.

I guess you must really hate IBM's Websphere HTML interface 8)

Which is fine . I think the non - lynx like interface is for ease use
and not necessarily for experts --- The experts can use vi to edit
the configuration files if they like .

 Amancio Hasty

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